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The days projectionists jumped around with caddies loaded with 35mm cans is over.

Nowadays cinema theaters project digital.

After you have shot and postproduced your film, you’re tired and devastated of the making, you don’t need another tricky and heavy mindtwist in the process you’d wish was ended already! You simply don’t need another pressure. That's normal.

Been there, done that!

After weeks, loads of sleep previation and headbreaking analyzes we found out how we could safely make high quality DCP’s ourself with industry standard software on our ‘last of the mohicans’ 24 core, 32 G Mac-machine for a very competitive price.

Once your film is finished, you as a producer, director or postprod manager, need rest and time to get in shape for the moment you, your colleagues, your friends and network have been waiting for so long, the RELEASE!

We take it over and make sure the film gets its sparkling moment on the big screen.

Our inhouse studio offers high-end DCI compliant DCP’s for all your film productions up to 2K.

You plan a cast & crew premiere, need DCP’s for festivals (in stead of expensive tapes and shipments) or your film will be distributed in the cinemas, you can rely on us worlwide.

Ingesting, syncing sound, image and sound 24 fps conformations, 5.1 sound preparation, conversions & transcodings, burned-in subtitling , DCP preparations & 24 core-rendering, inhouse- and theatrical tests, multiple DCP copy’s (unencrypted) …

It’s all available in our service and modular.

A fast, reliable and high-end solution for the moment that your film is ready for the audience.


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